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Incredisocks Show Pain Reduction in Users

Posted on 30th Mar 2012 @ 10:35 AM

(Free-Press-Release.com)March 28,2012 -- Wendy Damonte
Channel 2 News
Ed Gale is in almost constant pain. His right knee is bone-on-bone. He's broken his left ankle four times. "Various injuries over the course of my life jumping out of airplanes, falling off buildings. I was an iron worker as well as being a wild and crazy Marine."

Dr. Christopher Hussar offered Ed a pair of Indredisocks to help reduce pain and inflammation. Bamboo charcoal is woven into the natural fibers of these socks. "Not sure how it works yet. There's an anion exchange. There's a way to activate tissue inside the body and the absorption of energy through infrared anions into the body. So this is an infrared device."

Jackson Corley developed Incredisocks after his own mountain biking accident left him unable to walk. Surgeons recommended multi-level surgery. Instead of the knife, he opted to create his own fix using the bamboo charcoal. "What it does is it puts infrared anions into your body. The infrared anions go into the body and that increases the heat and we think it increases the circulation to help heal. After a week or 2 of wearing it I could walk."

Thermograph images show how after 20 minutes of wearing Incredisocks, inflammation is reduced and there's an increase in temperature. Hank Meyers had cold feet for 5 years until given a pair of Incredicsocks. "I've gotten to the point I don't need them in bed at night but I wear them all the time during the day."

Jackson claims the socks are anti-microbial and odor absorbing meaning you can wear them for days at a time without washing them. He says soldiers in Afghanistan are testing them out right now. But it's the medical side he's most excited about because the Incredisocks can help so many people. "You don't have to take a pill. You don't have to worry about side effects. There's nothing that's going into your body that's bad."

Watch the video of this at http://www.ktvn.com/Global/story.asp?S=13201532 and click on the 9/22 Healthwatch: Incredisocks link.

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