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Incredibrace and Incredisocks Blood Flow Increase Test Results

Posted on 1st Apr 2017 @ 5:29 AM

The science behind Incrediwear & Incredibraces-Anions production

Anions are an atomic element of negatively charged air particles. We feel fresh in the forest or hot spring that is abundant in anions. An atom becomes anion when losing an electron, whereas it becomes a positive ion when acquiring an electron. It is known that the proportion of anions to positive ions is approximately 1 to 1.2 in the pure stable air. The study conducted by Dr.Krueger at Berkeley University in California, USA, Dr. Sulman at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Dr. Moor at Mingum University shows the following:

When anions exist abundant in air exceeding 1000ea per 1cc of air, alpha waves activates in the brain to release anxiety and tension that are the main cause of asthma and migraine. Anions control secretion of serotonin and free histamine to promote mental activity and to release tension. The amount of anions existing in the air has significant influence on one's health and healing effect. 

1. Purification of blood
Anion increases the ratio of mineral ingredient in blood including calcium, sodium and potassium, and purifies blood through alkalinization.
2. Activation of cells
When the number of anions increases in blood, electric exchange of substances promotes in the cellular membrane. This alkalinizes and purifies blood. 
3. Promotion of immunity
When the number of anions increases in blood, the amount of gamma globulin also increases in blood. This enhances immunity against infection. That's why anion therapy has a very effective healing effect.
4. Control of autonomic nerve system
Anion controls autonomic nerve system in a beneficial manner for our body in reaction to the conditions of our blood system and internal organ, and helps us think and feel in a positive manner.

Anions vivify the bodies entire circulatory systems including reducing the harmful effects of positive ions(ie.hydrogen). If the environment is seriously polluted, the normal proportion of anions to positive ions becomes imbalanced. Positive ions overwhelm anions. The ionized air particulates rapidly collide against each other under the law of Brown motion to create large particles that have no biological activity. The number of anions decreases markedly in such large particles to further deteriorate causing the symptoms of headache and tension. 









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