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Review- nationaloutdoors.net reviews Incredisocks Hiker!

Posted on 21st Aug 2011 @ 4:58 PM

Incredisocks Review

Cotton has long been dismissed from my sock drawer. My feet were sweaty and my shoes were smelly. I took refuge in cycling socks, mostly acrylic, nylon, or lycra, which were lightweight, breathable, and held their form. However, my feet would get cold in the winter and the smell in my shoes didn’t necessarily disappear. After being the butt of jokes and ridiculed by family and friends for my 7 day a week, all occasion cycling sock habit, I had my eye open for some new threads for my feet.

From the moment I put on the Incredisocks, I knew I had found a worthy replacement. As I learned about its features and experienced its functionality, I wondered if this sock was just a dream. Originally designed for Diabetics, the Incredisock has become a remarkable sock for the US Military and is making way into the outdoor world of hiking, running, and cycling.

What makes it so incredible? Lets start with its bamboo charcoal germanium materials that is breathable, wicking, and anti-microbial. It’s patented 3 dimensional woven construction along with anions create a compression like fit that increases blood flow and oxygen. Anions are negatively charged atoms that are present in the socks material, and when heated they are absorbed by the body to cause microscopic vibrations that increase circulation. This process happens within minutes of putting the sock on, and helps to regulate the temperature of the foot while reducing pain and swelling.


After putting these on in the morning and standing on my feet all day walking around a tradeshow, I can attest to their comfort and pain reduction. My feet did not cramp at all, nor did they feel sweaty. They didn’t smell at the end of the first day, and just to be sure my nose wasn’t biased, I asked for a second and third opinion from my niece and nephew and received no smell feedback.

The anti-microbial property of the fabric is supposed to reduce odors, both in the sock and in the shoe. I was told the troops in Afghanistan can wear these for 30 days without washing them. I put this to the test by wearing them for 3 days, on my feet most of the day, and traveling on an airplane. Admittedly there was a slight odor after 3 days. However, this is actually part of the Incredisock experience. The odor is coming from the shoe; it had attached itself to the sock. Washing the socks daily and re-wearing the same shoes will actually remove the odor causing bacteria and fungus in a week. Not only does this sock improve circulation and reduce swelling, it helps your shoes smell better!

The socks are machine washable and drying them is safe (drying helps maintain their compression type fit). While not too thick and too thin, they are easy to put on and make an amazing first impression. They stay in place on the foot, ankle, and shin, and feel weightless yet cushiony while standing all day.

Bottom Line: A multi-functional sock for casual dress, hiking, traveling, standing around, or other active outdoor activities. Incredisocks can be worn for extended days without washing, and they fit off odors!

Drawback: A tad thicker than a traditional cycling sock.


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August 20, 2011
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dry socks
Dry socks are essential to hiking. When your feet are wet, you can quickly get blisters. Having a good pair of boardshorts and a decent pair of shoes is helpful. Once you have this, be sure to get a decent pair of socks.

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