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Frequently Asked Questions



  • We mean that these socks and braces do more for your health than traditionally made apparel.
  • No. Incredisocks are for everyone looking to enjoy the most comfortable sock ever.
  • Absolutely. Incredisocks are thermo-regulating and make your feet warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.
  • The natural properties of bamboo release negative anions into your body causing an internal vibration of the cells and resulting in increased blood flow, which means more oxygen to the tissues.
  • Definitely. With improved circulation, inflammation is reduced and tissue is repaired more rapidly.
  • The fibers used in Incredisocks contain anti-microbial properties that kill odor causing bacteria. In fact, Incredisocks can be worn for extended periods of time without washing.
  • We use a proprietary 3-dimensional weaving machine and an industry leading thread count to create the extreme comfort experience of Incredisocks.
  • It depends. We have a specific diabetic line (Rx Incredisocks), but you can also receive similar benefits from our standard Incredisocks line.
  • Yes. Incredisocks are made with 90% renewable resources.


  • Results have shown that most people experiencing pain who try Incredibraces begin feeling better within 20 minutes, sometimes even sooner! Incredibraces have provided relief to those suffering pain from sprains, meniscus tears, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, cramps and fatigue. From world class athletes to those who have trouble even walking, Incredibrace wearers have experienced pain reduction and a greater range of motion while walking, working, running, biking, dancing, competing in martial arts, lifting weights and even sleeping.
  • Incredibraces are constant therapy. Yes, therapy. Infrared therapy has been used for years at Medical clinics to treat vascular and circulatory conditions. Physical Therapists and Chiropractors have used infrared therapy to accelerate recovery. Incredibraces are made with a special material that cannot be washed out. This material, when heated by the body, releases infrared anions (negatively charged, there are no electric shocks). The anions vibrate tissue and create an increase in blood flow.* The increased blood flow carries fresh oxygenated blood into areas that are swollen, due to injured tissue, and flushes away the deoxygenated blood, chemicals, and debris. This process results in a decrease in swelling and pain and an increase in range of motion!
  • None, except that you feel better faster and recovery is accelerated.
  • Daily, and as many hours per day that you can! Sleeping with the Incredibrace is ideal as the body heals while at rest! 24/7 is great! Wear the Incredibrace for 6-8 weeks minimum, even after the pain has subsided. Just because pain is gone does not mean the body is finished healing! Arthritis sufferers should wear the Incredibrace constantly, and after several weeks will notice an increase in range of motion and reduction of pain. These people should try wearing the Incredibrace for years to see if their arthritis reverses itself.....that would be an excellant endorsement!
  • We have heard from bikers, runners, backpackers, and karate gurus, who have worn the knee brace on their thighs, and report that their legs don't seem get as tired! We do not make any claims regarding increased endurance, but it is logical to ponder the benefits of increased oxygen to tissue and the potential to reduce lactic acid build up in muscles during exercise.
  • Yes, the primary treatment for cramps is motion to stimulate increased circulation.
  • Yes, of course, the successes of the braces are nothing short of incredible........so we've invented braces for the wrist, elbow , ankle and back! And more are coming soon.
  • Yes, and you can put it in the dryer too, but it may shrink.....the effectiveness of the Incredibrace can not be washed out. For best results machine wash in cold water and hang dry.