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They work....I don't understand how these work, but they do. I have osteoarthritis in my fingers and one finger in particular is always painfully swollen. I wear the gloves while knitting and I can knit for hours. I have also begun wearing them at night and my hands are pain free, and less swollen, in the morning.

Sharen   Oct 7,2015

"I have been waiting for gloves since I got my first pair of Incrediwear socks and they are not a disappointment. Simply amazing results and fast too. The only bad thing I can say is that the Large might be a bit bigger. My fingers are not that fat, but the gloves are a bit more snug that I would have expected for a Large size. If these gloves don't make your hands feel better, maybe your hands are not the problem." (Posted on July 7, 2015)

by Hubie Green


by S. Anderson Mar 6,2013

Tom W. turned me on to your sox at winter Outdoor Retailer. Holy Cow! The sox are absolutely "incredible". My family wore the sox 8 cold/wet days in Iceland and were warm, dry and happily odor free. I am your new biggest fan. If/When you want to make clothing, have a look at my designs. I would be proud to collaborate with your company to make truly incredible wear.

by Jacqui Bishop(Feb 2013)

Best customer service I have ever experienced from a website. Answers to each of my two emails within hours, Friday night and Saturday morning! No automated 'we'll get back to you'!

I have always had bad circulation but for some reason preferred to have cold feet. My feet scream at me when they are covered by socks or shoes -- "Get those things off us!" I wear slippers under duress. But my Homeopath told me this week that I must work on improving the circulation to my feet. I had a cut that wasn't healing.

She recommended Incredisocks, My feet and I screamed but I did as I was told. I put them on and not a peep from my feet. I've worn the socks for three days now .

I really do love your socks!

I don't think I could ever have imagined myself saying something like that since my feet are happier when they're naked! But you know what? The socks are so comfortable my feet still feel naked.

In cold weather my fingers go white -- Raynaud's syndrome. Have you considered making gloves? Please do.

Thank you.

by John Crafton, Maryville, TN

Your products are fantastic!! I am a 44 year old competitive triathlete and have had chronic achilles tendonitis problems all year.
After a month of wearing the ankle brace I won my age group in my last race for the first time ever. I've been wearing the ankle brace for about two months now and this morning I ran 9 miles over very rugged terrain in the Great Smoky Mountains with virtually no pain!  Thank you so much!! I have all of my hiking friends, running friends and my parentsusing your products and everyone absolutely can't believe how great they work!!
That is why I'm now ordering another ankle brace and a knee brace

          by Justin Herzog, Plattsburg, NY

48 hours ago I suffered from chronic achilles tendonitis. Despite the condition, I continued to live a very active lifestyle
and simply paid for the activity in pain and stiffness in my ankle and heel.
Today, after
two days with the ankle Incredibracethere is zero stiffness and virtually no pain. 

          I am usually a skeptic, but I'm glad I took a chance.  Are you hiring sales people...lol...thanks!

John Crafton, Maryville, TN

Proboxer wins prize fight after recovering from injury with his Incredibrace! by Adil Anwar (Pro Boxer) Hi Guys - just had to drop you a line to say 32,000 thank you's! Not only was I able to complete enough hours effective sparring to compete, I actually went on to WIN and took home that £32,000 Prizefighter winners purse! I can honestly say had it not been for your elbow brace my injured elbow would have never  recovered enough to put in the practice I needed to win. I can't thank you or recommend  your products enough.  

Recovers after serious childhood injury using Incredibrace

by Bambi M(Ca)

 I had my son pick up a knee brace for me a couple of weeks ago as I have been  experiencing pain in my left knee for about 2 years, now. I saw a news report from  my home town in Chico, CA that talked about your product. I am a 54 year old woman who was injured in a farming accident near Chico when I was 10 years old.   I am missing my right foot and part of my left foot as well. My knees have been  very weak ever since, and I wanted to try your product. My knee was very swollen and had been for many months and the pain was off the charts. I put the brace   on immediately after receiving it and it truly is incredible. After six days, I decided  to measure my knee and the swelling had gone down 4 1/2 inches. I am able to walk without the excruciating pain that I was experiencing before. It is amazing the support you feel while wearing this brace. It doesn't slip while you are walking and it  is really comfortable. I am also waiting for the diabetic socks and am eager to try  them. I have told everyone that I know about your products and my mother has already purchased a knee brace as well. Thank you for a great product. They are  truly incredible!


by                          J.G.(CA)


I received my first pair of dress socks this morning, and they are fantastic! After purchasing a pair of below ankle athletic socks for working out (which I love), I somehow managed to neglect my need for comfort in the workplace. When things are busy, it's easy to ignore the small aches and pains and discomfort one feels throughout the day. However, things have slowed down as of late and I began to notice just how much my left leg and foot were bothering me. A near constant, dull ache from just above my knee all the way down to the top of my foot has been bothering me for quite a while.

So less than an hour ago, my Incredisocks arrived and I promptly put them on. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING - THE RELIEF WAS ALMOST INSTANTANEOUS! A warm, calming feeling quickly spread from my foot up to my knee. The best way to describe the sensation is to think of a heating pad set to low and wrapped around my shin and calf. I can feel the socks working as I type! These socks are truly amazing and I will soon be replacing my entire set of dress socks with Incredisocks!

Thank you for an incredible product!

by Don Chartrand
Marketing Manager
Nutter's Bulk and Natural Foods 
At the Vancouver CHFA tradeshow I had the great fortune of coming across a booth that had a display of socks and things and in discussion with the people at the booth I found out about the Incredisocks. Our rep told Wil that I was a diabetic and he asked me what socks I was wearing, I told him they were a diabetic sock, he asked me to try and experiment by wearing an Incredisock on one foot and my current sock on the other for a while. Well within the hour I had to switch to both feet wearing the Incredisock as it made my one foot feel so great. At the end of the long day of walking the tradeshow floor I went back to our hotel room, usually my feet are exhausted and very swollen from a long day on them. That day however my feet were definitely not the same, they felt pretty good , however my wife was totally flabbergasted at the look of my feet, they were not swollen in the least. We where both pretty amazed at how good my feet looked, the Incredisock really worked for me. Thanx I now wear Incredisocks everyday.
by Beverley G.Sparkes
(Vancouver, B.C.)

As a 65 yr.old ex curler and lawnbowler, (having given up both due to bad knees) I was blown away by                                         the almost instant relief that I experienced with my first " incredibrace " knee brace. I immediately                                         purchased another brace for my other knee. What a relief! I can sleep through the night with no twisting and                                         twsiting & turning  to relieve the pain in my knees. Now I am pretty well wearing them 24/7. I now also wear a                                         wrist band to help relieve the pain in my arthritic left wrist and a pair of incredisocks for golf. (however I will be                                       purchasing several more pairs to wear full-time) Your products are nothing short of a miracle- no pain at my                                         age is remarkable and no more pain pills that upset my stomach! Your products are very affordable and I am a                                       big fan!(Several of my friends are now wearing your knee braces at my recommendation and                                                                   several havegone back for more)  





by Catheryn Selby

Starlight Enterprises, Inc.

I just received, from Vermont Country Store, the Incredibrace for my knee. This is how I learned about your product. I have had constant pain in my knee from turning it wrong for over a month. Stubborn ole' ranch gal, I put off going to the Dr. Immediately I could feel the warmth of the brace when put on. Half an hour later I can push firmly on the inside of my knee, where that pain has been a dull ache to a roaring pain, and there is NO pain at all. Ordering socks for husband in particular, but one pair for my cold feet. Anxious to get them, and waiting for the shoulder brace to come soon, I hope!

by Bill Lawson

I have worn all kinds of knee braces and haven’t liked any of them. I have no cartilage in my knees. I recently received Incredibrace for me knees. It is lightweight, comfortable and it really works. It is the best, my knee doesn’t hurt as it did before. Thank you for this great brace. (link)

by Dr. H., D.O.

As a Physician in practice for over 30 years, I have seen and tried a multitude of products. I was skeptical when I first read the literature on Incredisocks and Incredibraces but my reservations were quickly dissolved.
I have chronic pain in my left calf which was relieved by 90% after wearing the Incredibrace knee sleeve. My office is also testing Incredisocks on patients with diabetes and neuropathy with proven successful results. (link)

by Kansas Worthman

After Several weeks of immobilizing knee pain, I tried an incredi-brace for my knee. After about a day of use, pain was markedly reduced and I have had no more than moderate discomfort over about 2 weeks of use. I am happy to say that (Incredibrace) has worked impressively for me. (link)

by Crystal Forschen

(Sacramento, CA)

I started using the incredibrace I have noticed that I can bend my knee more and I have less pain after working out! I injured my knee about 5 years ago while playing soccer, it never healed quite the same. Thank you very much for the brace, it is making a positive influence during my workouts!

Thank you again!