Incrediwear PRO 3- Down Low-The ideal sock for trail runners and ultra marathon!


Designed for the technical trail and ultar runner wanting extra height for ankle coverage ,the Incredisock PRO 3 Down Low is a mid cut sock. Incredisocks use a unique Carbonized Charcoal Technology-CCAT- that increases circulation and so more oxygen to your feet. Better blood flows leads to increased performance, decreased foot fatique, and a shorter recovery period. PRO 3 is specifically designed to ensure that your feet are treated to an advanced sock that is odour resistant, antimicrobial, moisture wicking and amazingly comfortable.

With Incredisocks patented 3-D weaving machine, we construct a 200 thread count PRO 3 mid cut Down Low sock resulting in the most comfortable performance enhancing and stink free sock in the world! Hit the trail with this brand new Incredisock and keep running when others give it up!

 Made from Bamboo Charcoal fibre ,flexible fibre & Lycra.