PRO Nō Shō Incredisocks womens athletic

0.20 KGS

Stylish for street or trail, the PRO No Sho Incrediwear socks use a unique Carbonized Charcoal Technology-CCAT- that increases circulation and so more oxygen to your feet. Better blood flows leads to increased performance, decreased foot fatique, and a shorter recovery period.

Incrediwear socks  PRO Nō Shō is specifically designed to ensure that womens feet are treated to an advanced sock that is odour resistant, antimicrobial, moisture wicking and amazingly comfortable.  Incredisocks patented 3-D weave, we construct a 200 thread count PRO Nō Shō sock resulting in the most comfortable womens performance enhancing and stink free sock in the world! Women of the world unite and wear Incredisocks!

Available in all black, with seasonal availability of pink band & powder blue band.


Made from Bamboo Charcoal fibre ,flexible fibre & Lycra.