Travel & Comfort

Travellers have specific needs for air travel, lots of walking and standing taking pictures. These products appeal to travelling types who , whether they travel by car or by air, will find wearing Incrediwear knee high socks, knee braces or back braces can make your time away much more comfortable on your body!


WALKING-In preparing for a trip, add a daily walk into your routine. This will help you get ready for the hike around the lake or walking from shop to shop in the quaint rural downtown you’ll be visiting. To support the increased walking make sure to be wearing your Knee Sleeve before, after, and even during your walk.


BACK SUPPORT WALKING OR SITTING-While in a car or in an airplane, hours of sitting can add up to create a sore back – just in time for you to arrive at your destination.To support your posture and decrease the potential of back pain, bring along an Incrediwear Back Brace. The brace supports the reduction of many conditions including lower-back pain, mid-back pain, disc injuries, pinched nerves, and more. It can be worn under or over clothing and will help provide support and relief for your back.

SITTING-Incrediwear socks(Incredisocks!) are a great alternative to compression. While form fitting, they don't regulate blood flow through manipulation like compression does. A from fit is snug to help conform and stay up while our circulation enhancing ensures blood moves faster when you are stationary or active! PLUS, Incrediwear kneehigh can be worn 24/7 with comfort and peace of mind. Compression socks must be removed and worn under direction of a medical professional.