April 27, 2022
Hi there! Last weekend I was at Taupo with my daughter who was competing in dressage, and bought one of your knee sleeves.
I would like to say that it is absolutely wonderful and has given me so much relief, right from the first time I put it on.
I would certainly recommend this product, plus the other one I use - the elbow sleeve - to anyone who is having problems with their joints.

Thank you for your help.
Pauline Robertson.
April 22, 2022
OMGeeeeee!! I just bought your socks and received them about a week about and I am sold! They are magic socks! I am blown away and in disbelief with the results and lack of pain and swelling! I had foot surgery in 2013 and its been tough trying to work through it. I’ve jumped my way through breaking up the scar tissue, but the swelling always puts me out for 2 days. I was able to do a 6.25 mile trail run/walk and put them on immediately after and my foot almost didn’t swell at all! It was slightly tender the next day, but nothing like it was for years, and maybe only 10-20% of the swelling! I was even able to do a 30 min HIIT workout the next morning! These have changed my life! I thought I’d never run without pain ever again! These socks give me hope! I have got to get the stretchy pants next! You need to make a onesie! Hoodie and all! HAHAHAHA!! But serious!! :)

Julie Adsit
Strong with Jules LLC
October 18, 2021
Hello there! My entire family wears and loves your socks!
I love your socks and always purchase the " Trek" style in small which fit perfect
i decide to purchase the Merino wool style in the same size of small and oh my gosh!
Nicola Jordan