Incrediwear TEC3 Long Arm sleeve

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The Tec 3 Arm & Calf sleeve uses a unique technology to carbonize bamboo and create our incredible CCAT(Carbonized Charcoal Anion Technology). CCAT increases circulation to your arms or calfs which can lead to:increased performance, reduced fatigue and shorter recovery times from in jury, soreness, or pain. The TEC 3 is an advanced one of a kind sleeve that’s odour resistant, wicks away moisture and provides all seasons comfort without restricting movement or loss of comfort.

 The TEC 3 uses Incrediwears patented Italian 3-D weaving machine to construct a 360 thread count sleeve for the most comfortable, high performance, non odorous arm and leg sleeve of its kind available anywhere today! Awesome endurance and  increased flexibility for runners, climbers, parkour or cycling yet every day benefits for airplane travel or less tired standing all day!

 This Incredibrace sleeve relieves lower leg cramps, eases shin splints,reduces swelling & pain from sprains, relieves Achilles tendon pain, reduces dead arm(cycling) & arm fatigue, wrsit pain and more!

 Benefits of increased Blood Flow are:

  • ·         Faster recovery
  • ·         Regulate temperature
  • ·         Reduced swelling
  • ·         Reduced pain
  • ·         Increased range of motion
  • ·         Decreased fatigue
  • ·         More oxygen supplied to cells