Incrediwear Sports Recovery Shorts

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Incrediwear introduces the  NEW Sports Recovery Shorts!

The Incrediwear Sports Recovery Pant (SRP) is amazing! Testing shows the SRP increases blood flow and circulation nearly 17% at rest! Increased blood flow and speed can help accelerate recovery and decrease fatigue. SRP’s s are the only pair of athletic shorts you’ll need whether you are skiing, hiking, cycling, travelling, skating, at racquet sports or on the track! Maximize your recovery and energize your performance with SRP’s as your daily short awake or asleep!Remember, increased oxygenation promotes cell healing so like every Incrediwear product, the more you wear it, the better you feel!

Incrediwears Carbonized Charcoal Anion Technology (CCAT) also called Carbonized Bamboo Technology(CBT) provides superior wicking, and odour absorbing properties in the only natural fibre technical textile available in retail stores!

With CCAT you get increased circulation to your torso, hips, quads and glutes meaning increased oxygen to muscles, decreased fatigue, enhanced performance and far superior recovery times! SRP’s are currently being studied for their effect on prostates and impotency. For those who wish to excel at what they do, it’s the Sports Recovery Pants by Incrediwear.

Made from Bamboo Charcoal Fibre, Spandex and nylon.