Winter/cool weather sock

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The king of Winter socks from Incrediwear!

Guaranteed to warm the coldest feet, the Avalanche sports an all germamium & CBT sole to increase blood flow at the coldest part of the skiers foot. Then, we`ve put Germanium & CBT in the calf too. This is where the large muscle needs more oxygen & circulation thus reducing fatigue while increasing blood flow to the lower leg.

It's unique 3D weave of CBT, Germanium, Spandex, nylon and polyester provides an amazingly form fitting sock for maximum comfort and amazing improvement to your range of motion!

Incrediwear Avalanche winter, ski & board socks increase bloodflow by almost 15%. This increase brings more warnth to feet and reduces fatigue by moving lactic acid out faster!

They provide therapy through anion(negative ion) technology.
As your body warms the Incrediwear Sock it releases therapeutic anions resulting in increased circulation.
Germanium helps supply oxygen which helps to reduce pain, cramps, swelling & fatigue!

Man made fibres bring thermo-regulating,antimicrobial and odor absorbing properties to the only ski & winter sports sock of its kind anywhere!