TREK Hiking Sock w/ Germanium


Incrediwear has a unique TREK hiking and outdoors sock made with CBT & Germanium(GE) bring comfort to tired legs and feet within minutes of putting them on. Designed for the less active outdoor enthusiast and those in need of added therapy, these Incredisocks energize the feet and legs of individuals like our CBT hikers but with GE, there's a 25% increase in blood flow.  Incredisocks  significantly enhance comfort and mobility, due to increased blood flow, Thermo-regulation, and delivery of a greater supply of oxygen to the targeted area.

Our GE TREK socks are made with a patented 3D weave with a 200 thread count and mid-calf fit to wick away moisture and release heat without adding volume to the inside of your boots. Carbonized Bamboo(Bamboo Charcoal) has very high antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-odour properties. All the great properties of our CBT only hikers with increased circulation benefits and anion emission. Active types may find this sock too warm.

The anions in Incredisocks patented Carbonized Bamboo Technology(CBT) with GE stimulate cell walls through infrared waves to raise capillary PH levels and thus oxygen abduction. Anion energy reduces pain and aids in reducing soreness, improving mobility and recovery from injuries. A great sock for those who stand all day, have more need for therapy and relief or just want a different sock for other daily uses.