Incrediwear elbow or shin brace

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This Shin brace is the same brace we call Elbow! The fabric is embedded with natural semiconductor elements, which release negative ions into the body upon contact with the skin. This promotes blood flow and increases blood speed in the area, providing the joint with much-needed oxygen and nutrients. This sleeve will provide support and pain relief during activity and help you recover when resting.

For runners looking to relieve pain and prevent injury of calf/shin related conditions or trauma, this Incrediwear brace can also be used on forearms and elbows to provide better bloodflow to reduce muscle apin, lactic avid formation as well as fatigue. Enhance performance with better oxygenation and reduction in swelling to stay limber and recover faster..

For the really bad shin splints consider trying this as well as the TEC 3 Incrediwear calf sleeve.