Incrediwear PRO 3-No Sho for technical runner needing Thin Performance and a minimal sock!


Designed for discerning runners seeking a thin fit, low profile sock, the PRO 3 low cut No Sho Incredisocks use a unique Carbonized Charcoal Technology-CCAT- that increases circulation and so more oxygen to your feet. Better blood flows leads to increased performance, decreased foot fatique, and a shorter recovery period. Incrediscoks PRO 3 is specifically designed to ensure that your feet are treated to an advanced sock that is odour resistant, antimicrobial, moisture wicking and amazingly comfortable. With Incredisocks patented 3-D weaving machine, we construct a 200 thread count PRO 3 NoSho sock resulting in the most comfortable  performance enhancing and stink free sock in the world! In the world of technical socks, Incredisocks Pro 3 run away from the pack!


Made from Bamboo Charcoal fibre ,flexible fibre & Lycra.